Four Leaf Clover Bracelet

four leaf clover bracelet

four leaf clover bracelet

This beautiful Celtic bracelet contains a genuine four leaf clover frozen in clear acrylic polyresin attached on a sliver colored chain bracelet.

This bracelet measures approximately 7 inches in length with a small kitty bell attached.It looks great and very very cute.


Historically, Charm bracelet play an important role in the history of fashion. It is a way to show off your belief, wealth, and attract positive energy. It’s popularity has significantly increased in the recent years with the popular Italian charm bracelets Friendship bracelets are the most popular fashion statement for all ages. It’s inexpensive and fun to create. The Silly Bandz has become the latest fashion statement in recent pop culture.

Charm bracelet makes an excellent good luck gift for any gift giving events. It is an ideal present for best wishes, good luck, good-bye, or any “Hallmark Cards” moments.The Four Leave Clover is universally accepted symbol of good luck. It is beautiful and rare. It only occur once in about 10,000 of 3 leaf clover. Each leaf has a special meanings. First is for hope, second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth for Luck. They are also known to bring fame, wealth, love and health.

The real four-leaf clover bracelet is the best good luck magnet. The lucky clover possessed a positive energy that will give you happier and positive attitude to attract fortune and success. It’s just possible that your attitude can change your luck. It can help you intuitively do the right thing. We’ve all heard the saying, “When life deals you lemons, Learn how to make lemonade.” The person that turns an adverse situation into an advantages one is sometimes looked upon as being lucky, when it was actually their attitude that brought about the luck. A lucky person finds a way to use his abilities to come out ahead. Lady luck is on your side with this four-leaf clover charm bracelet.

What are the most popular Irish Jewelry for this Holiday Season? Irish 4 leaf clover good luck charms such as four leaf clover necklace, four leaf clover bracelet, four leaf clover earrings makes a great a good luck gift ideas.