Good Luck Charms

Need Good Luck? Wanna Get Lucky?

If you take steps to improve yourself, to live longer by eating right and exercising,

why wouldn’t you also take similar steps to improve your good luck and fortune?

Give your luck a boost

Each of our genuine four leaf clover is as unique as your fingerprint!


Throughout the ages, peoples of all faiths have benefited from the use of different types of good luck charms, four leaf clover, lucky charms, amulets, talismans and ritual. Good luck charms are a fun way to make yourself feel luckier.

“A study conducted by a British University showed that more than 30% of those who carried good luck charms felt their luck had genuinely improved. “

Exactly, how do you get Lucky? How does lucky charm work?

A positive attitude is a great way to improve your luck and attract good luck. Its the law of attraction. It’s been proved by Quantum physicists to be true. And in plain English, it simply means stay positive about everything, and show gratitude for everything in your life, even the bad, because something positive can always come out of everything. And if you keep these positive thoughts in your head they send out a frequency that can be read by any and every living thing on earth, and it attracts what you would consider good things to you. Good thoughts are hundreds of times more powerful than bad thoughts. So just always stay happy. A good luck charm can help us do this by giving us something tangible to channel this positive energy that will then help us change our thoughts and actions. You actually begin to create good luck just because you’re within a certain frame of mind. Think Lucky and Be Lucky. This seems to be true. the psychology of staying positive, does affect how and what we get. Remember to focus on the goals and work towards them. Lady luck will always be with you.

Only learn to seize good fortune, for good fortune is always here.”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


You increase your luck when you increase your confidence level.
The more confident you are about something the luckier you will get.

That frame of mind gives you the ability to take advantage of things you might not otherwise even have noticed. For example, you’re going to become more open and friendly to people simply because you are happier. Happiness attracks good luck. Lucky People are HAPPY.

Dr. Richard Wiseman, psychology chair at the University of Herfordshire in England, claims lucky people simply possess four basic psychological traits unlucky people don’t: the ability to maximize chance opportunities, to listen to “gut feelings,” to expect good fortune and to see the bright side of bad luck.

“A wise man turns chance into good fortune.”-Thomas Fuller

Dr. Wiseman identifies four principles that underlie a life of good fortune, adherence to which will draw good luck into the life of the individual. These are

  • 1. Break routine – meet new people, walk a different route to work, etc.
  • 2. Turn bad into good – “if something upsetting happens consider how it could have been worse, and try to draw something positive from it.
  • 3. Follow your gut — “Lucky people make success happen by using their intuition and gut feelings. Those decisions informed by intuition often produce happier outcomes.”
  • 4. Look up – One must expect good fortune, hold fast to this belief and persevere in attempting to achieve your goals. “positive expectations are often self-fulfilling because they increase motivation and persistence.”

Lucky people have a knack for transforming back luck into good luck. One must affirm your good fortune and have a strong conviction that everything will work out for the best.

Dr.Wiseman: “The notion that you are unlucky, I think is one of the most dangerous beliefs you can hold. Because there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s a kind of magical superstitious belief. And so it just simply stops you trying.” Watch Dr Wiseman’s Study – 9:35 mins – Windows mediaReal Player from

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more luck I have.” –Thomas Jefferson

These principles have the potential to enhance the good fortune that you encounter on a daily basis and enrich your life. They can make unlucky people lucky, and lucky people even luckier. Lucky people have developed ways of thinking that make them especially happy, successful, and satisfied with their lives. All you need is a genuine desire for transformation and a willingness to view your luck in a radically new way. Your future isn’t set in stone. You are not destined to always experience a certain amount of good fortune. You can change. You can create far more lucky breaks and greatly increase how often you are in the right place at the right time. Get Lucky Now!

Through out history, people have used magic and charm to increase their luck. Chinese good luck charm included everything red. Feng shui is all about the placement of object and it’s energy.  Good energy which is good vibe. It will bring peace and harmony to any space. Japanese good luck charm are very much alike as the Chinese. Another well know luck charm is the Irish good luck charm. Shamrock and 4 leaf clover are the best known charm of good luck.

The most powerful person in the world has good luck charms! Do You?

 White House Photo Blog: Monday, Jun. 02, 2008

White House Photo Blog: Monday, Jun. 02, 2008

The belief that you are lucky (lucky people create, notice and act upon chance opportunities. They also have a relaxed attitude to life).

President Barack Obama’s Good Luck Charms:

Amongst the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck are a bracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler’s lucky chit, a tiny monkey god and a tiny Madonna and child.

The White House Photo Blog is an intimate look at the presidency and life in and around the White House.

article source

“Coco” Chanel aka Gabrielle Bonheur was born August 19 1883. Coco was very superstitious , she protected her perfumes with numbers she believed were magic. The number 5 has become synonymous with the brand thanks to the immensely popular fragrance Chanel #5 (which is the best selling perfume in the world!).

The legend behind the famous fashion design house came from humble beginnings She is a firm believer in luck, and of course good luck charms. She surrounded herself with these magical good fortune symbols which she believed brought her fame and fortunes.The number 5, four leaf clover, lion, tortoise, sun and the comet are some of the symbols that brought Chanel luck throughout her life and career.  The designer often played with these beloved icons, incorporating them into both her clothing and jewelry designs.

Due to it’s unique rarity

for a limited time only:

$20.00 USD. Free S/H

One Pair = One Oval + One Heart

Four Leaf cLover Lover Matching Keyring

Four Leaf cLover Lover Matching Keyring

  • Each four leaf clover is discovered in the wild to ensure its magic, uniqueness, and good fortune.
  • The four leaf clover is a genetic rarity. No two are alike.
  • Each four leaf clover has an uniquely visible finger “vein” print.
  • Each four leaf clover charm is carefully dried and hand-maded shield in top durable acrylic.
  • Each charm is handmade to preserve the magic, elegance and beauty of the four leaf clover.
  • It will be a treasure to keep and bring you years of good luck and fortunes.
  • It’s nature’s serendipity.
Four Leaf cLover Oval Keyring

Four Leaf cLover Oval Keyring

Heart Shaped Four Leaf cLover Keyring

Four Leaf Clover Heart-shaped Good Luck Charm

“I want to make you happy because

seeing you smile makes me happy.”

Four Leaf cLover Lover Matching Keyring

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover,
hard to find and lucky to have.”

-Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City

Best Friend / Lover Special
One Oval + One Heart
2 for only $20.00 USD with FREE S/H

Share your good luck with your lover/best friend

If you are not completely satisfied with any item or service you
buy from us, we will refund your money. Everything we sell is
guaranteed. Period.  There is no fine print. You can return anything
for any reason. Exclude shipping charges

good luck to you

good luck to you

I want to make you happy

I want to make you happy because seeing you smile makes me happy!

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